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Shareland is a free project between schools to share informations on the forest, environmental issues. Children from different countries are able to communicate to describe their territories and to discuss about topics.


We are at the begining of the project.


  • The project aims to inform and educate students on environmental issues involving them directly in the debate, through the creation of a website in which they are able to communicate freely expressing opinions, exchanging material such as photos, images, research, producing work on the themes (in this case, with the guide of teachers and experts).
  • Strength of the project is its international character.
  • First of all, the participation of schools from four different European countries promotes cultural exchange and promotes the discussion of environmental issues not only on a local scale, but globally, enlarging the points of view.
  • Besides, young people may find challenging to deal with foreign coetaneous ? students, in order to socialize and make new friends. In this aspect should lie the key for the success of the project.
  • Value added of the project is the possibility for students to improve their knowledge of the English language, used as the official language in the website.


Specific objectives:

  • Inform and sensitize students on the issues of the project;
  • Encouraging sustainable behavior, both individual and collective, and respect for nature;
  • Enhance personal experiences in the area in order to disseminate best practices.


Value of the project

  • Continue the partnership began with Sharewood, an example of a dynamic European cooperation
  • Involve students in a European partnership with all its values (openness to new cultures, listening and respect for others)
  • Work on cross-cutting issues in shared programs
  • Use the support of technicians and experts to be involved in 4 territories


Technical support

  • Teachers
  • Experts and technicians in the different countries.


Public - Target

  • Schools, classrooms. Children (13 – 16 ans). Children must be volonteers
  • Groups with 10 à 20 students.






Website with access from all the partners : One or several pages per school. Texts, pictures, videos, …



For the beginning of the project, it is better to simply start the project with :

description of the different territories, description of the school environment, biodiversity, actions already carried reports including pictures exhibition and videos.


If you want to join us, please contact us



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